2xAA aka Sam Wray, composes a genre of music called Chiptune using old gaming and computing hardware. The Nintendo Gameboy and the Atari STe are the consoles of choice for Sam.
He is also responsible for creating µCollective.org, a community based around Chiptune and it's sister genres.

Background photo by Tristan Heaven.

Email: hello@brkbrkbrk.com
Twitter: @_2xAA



This music has been uploaded onto µCollective.org and is being streamed using the µC API, currently still under development.

  • Get Away (µWIN)
  • TETRIS single (2xAA remix)
  • Sundown Again (Atari ST)
  • Ode to Laptop
  • Self Destruct ⚠︎
  • Invader + Chipspeech Demo
  • Invader (Radio Edit)
  • That new song you've been waiting for Feat. 8BrickDMG (demo)
  • I Am The Doctor (WIP)
  • Lumia - Title (OPL3)
  • TikTok (Ke£ha cover, lol)
  • New song preview (Atari ST)
  • Old track
  • ShutUpShutDown
  • SiSi
  • Unnamed01
  • Hello Atari
  • Night-time Waves
  • OGG Vorbis support test
  • Mystery Song (Atari ST+GarageBand)
  • Doctor Who (unfinished, Atari ST, Kaoss Pad)
  • Invader (WIP-teaser)
  • When I'm Bored (KIT DEMO)
  • Walking Through Rain (Atari ST)
  • BRKn the Doors [I'm Breakin' a Sweat - Skrillex cover]
  • IIII
  • IIII (WIP track)
  • Popcorn Factory
  • Once a New
  • Chipstep-Esque
  • Electro Gypsy - Savlonic (C0V3R)